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LXRY Watervillas designs luxurious, sustainable holiday home on the water. The next generation houseboats. Luxury, comfort and unique design are very important to us. Combined with environmental friendliness we call this eco-chic. Maximum luxury with minimum footprint.


Creating the possibility for off-grid luxury with holiday villas on the water. The freedom of enjoying a luxurious holiday home on the water, regardless of infrastructure, anywhere in the world.


It started in 2013. Our passions and fascinations with living on the water came together in designing floating houses. After all, living on the water is a very Dutch thing. Canal houses surround or office in Amsterdam. In 2015 our ideas crystalized to LXRY Watervillas, a company specialized in luxurious, sustainable holiday villas on the water.


At LXRY Watervillas we work with technology partners. For every solution there is a specialized partner with the right knowledge. Together with these partners we reach our goals and make it possible to customize our designs to your specific needs.

LXRY Watervillas designs your luxurious, sustainable holiday home on the water

Paradise on the water
Picture this: you wake up on a lazy day off and the first thing you see when you look outside is water. As far as the eye can see: water. A feeling of pure freedom, privacy and tranquility washes over you. Far away from the daily worries this is your little paradise on the water – a luxurious, comfortable, sustainable and self-sufficient villa on the waves. It could be your reality, with a holiday water home of LXRY Watervillas. We design your dream water villa and we place it wherever you want it to be: whether that is in Austria or Australia – (almost) anything is possible.

Look & feel of the villas
All holiday water homes of LXRY Watervillas are built on a concrete, maintenance free float that provides balance. The deck, with a terrace on the front and the back, is made out of wood and the spacious facades are constructed out of high quality glass.

Heart of the home
The heart of each villa is a rectangular core in which all necessary supplies are neatly concealed. On one side you’ll find a kitchenette, on the other side a sofa bed, and in between: the toilet, separate bathroom, storage area and a desk/technology space.

This layout is flexible, the basic blueprint that can be infinitely varied depending on your wishes. Perhaps you’d like a bigger bathroom and the sleeping compartment outside of the core? Or maybe you would like a larger kitchen? Everything is possible! We create each dream holiday home in close consultation with our customers.

Custom-made is key
Around the heart of the villa there is space for a dining area and a nice living room. Floors, ceilings and walls can be coated according to your taste in the materials of your choice. Again: custom-made is key here. We go above and beyond to make your level of comfort as high as possible. For example, the technology in your villa can be operated in the blink of an eye from an iPhone or iPad.

Three different versions
The holiday villas come in three special versions: ‘Het Paviljoen‘, ‘De Rietkraag‘ en ‘Sailor Wood‘. Depending on your lifestyle, you will always find a water villa that suits you.

Het Paviljoen’, which we also jokingly call ‘James Bond’s country home’, is a more futuristic design with a striking, flat roof. Big glass doors on both sides function to shield the villa from the wind and create a panoramic view that gives the feeling of pure freedom.

The name ‘De Rietkraag’ comes from the name of the thatched roof under which a big, open space is located. In this model the heart of the villa can be elevated which creates space for more sleeping areas making ‘De Rietkraag‘ a perfect hideaway for families. The recessed floor makes for a panoramic view over the surrounding water.

Sailor Wood‘ has vertical, wooden blinds that provide the villa with its robust look while serving as sun shades. Special to this design is that,  besides the two standard terraces there is a large roof terrace. When you sit there, you feel like you are on a ship!

Design meets sustainability
Although luxury, comfort and unique design are very important to us, environmental friendliness is an important part of our core value.  The result? An eco-chic residence!

Because we want to offer you the chance to celebrate your holiday in total freedom — perhaps on a body of water where there is no direct connection to electricity, drinking water or even drainage — all villas can be produced self-sufficient. Energy can be produced solar panels on the roof and saved to batteries. A backup generator will take care of emergencies. Meals can be prepared on induction cookware, and the surrounding water can be purified and made drinkable in the large reservoir under the float. Used water is filtered before it is safely drained.

Gentle for the environment
All of our villas are very well insulated. With warm weather there is natural ventilation, and for when it’s cold there is a pellet or woodstove to keep the space warm. All materials in the villa are maintenance-friendly, all devices energy-saving. In other words: the environmental footprint of these design palaces is close to zero. And that feels good.

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Would you like to indulge in the experience of a holiday on the water? Please contact us by email or by phone.

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LXRY Watervillas for a sustainable holiday home on the water. Luxury, comfort and a unique design with a minimum footprint.
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